Friday, December 18, 2009

Who Are Those Guys - George Ardisson

Born Giorgio Ardisson on December 31, 1931 in Rocco Canavese, Turin, Italy he acted under the names George Ardisson and Georges Ardison. Ardisson appeared in over 50 films during his career among them a half-dozen Eurowesterns. George specialized in action films, especially spy films and is somtimes referred to as the Italian James Bond. His film career began with his appearance in the 1959 film “Arrangiatevi! directed by Mauro Bologninis. He then made appearances in sword and sandal and action films. He appeared in the early Eurowestern “Massacre at the Grand Canyon” as villain Tully Dancer. Even though he starred or co-starred in the Eurowesterns he made he somehow lacked the charisma of other leading men. He was blonde, handsome and athletic but even with all of this it didn't catapult him to fame. By the mid-1970s he looke out of place while appearing in sex comedies and ended his career playing in several horror films until his last film appearance in 1992's “Shadow Warriors” directed by Max Ferro. [Update] Giorgio Ardisson died December 11, 2014 at his home in Ceveteri, Italy of a longtime respiratory ailment.

ARDISSON, George (aka Georges Ardisson) (Giorgio Ardisson) [12/31/1931, Rocca Canavese, Turin, Piedmont, Italy – 12/11/2014, Cerveteri, Rome, Lazio, Italy (respiratory ailment)] – TV actor.
Massacre at the Grand Canyon – 1963 (Tully/Rudy Dancer)
God May Forgive You, Not Me – 1968 (Cjamango McDonald)
A Man Called Amen – 1968 (Amen/Johnny)
Zorro the Fox – 1968 (Riccardo de Villaria/Don Diego/Zorro)
Chapaqua’s Gold – 1970 (Jack “Doc” Harrison)
Django Defies Sartana – 1970 (Sartana)


  1. Giorgio Ardisson is alive. He recently appeared in Italian TV show Stracult. You can watch the programme on RAI website. The subject is the Italian spy movies...

  2. ... and the guests are Daniela Bianchi,
    Ken Clark, Giorgio Ardisson and Alberto de
    Martino (Richard Harrison and Roger
    Browne are also briefly interviewed)

  3. It seems that Ardisson has been ill (a throat

  4. Giorgio Ardisson, really he is my favorite actor and I watched most of his movies, but I don't have any idea about his way of life.
    Still i remember MASSACRO ALSOLE, PASSOPORTO PER LA ENFERNO, CHIEDI PERDONO A DIO NON A ME, HERCLUES HAUNTED THE WORLD,O TOTO O IENTE, LAST VIKING, ASSO DI PICHE.....And more, but Iam asking many times why he is not popular like some of his generation celebreties?! and Iam very sure he did better than most of them did...!

  5. He's alive and recovered . He lives in Roma, Italy with his wife.

  6. Para mim seu melhor filme foi : Peça perdão a Deus nunca amim.

  7. I watched him playing Theseus in "Hercules in the Haunted World" also starring Reg Park and Christopher Lee. What a handsome and talented man. Rest in peace George Ardisson.