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Le pistole non discutono – Italian title
Las pistolas no discuten – Spanish title
Die letzten Zwei vom Rio Bravo – German title
Colt et dollars – Belgium title
Mon colt fait la loi – French title
30,000 fördömda dollars – Swedish title
Bullets Don’t Lie – English title
Guns Don’t Talk – English title
The Last Two at Rio Bravo – English title
Bullets Don’t Argue – English title

A 1964 Italian, Spanish, German co-production [Jolly Film (Rome), Trio Film (Madrid), Constantin Film (Munich)]
Producer: Fernando Rossi
Director: Mike Perkins/Manfred Reiger (Mario Caiano)
Story: Franco Castellano, Pedro de Juan (Pedro Pinzones)
Screenplay: Frank Forester (Franco Castellano), Donald Mooch/Pipolo (GiuseppE Moccia)
Cinematography: Juilo Ortas (Julio Plaza), Massimo Dallamano [Technicolor, Techniscope]
Music: Dan Savio/Emil Morik (Ennio Morricone), Jaime Ortiz
Song: “Lonesome Billy” sung by Peter Tevis
Running time: 96 minutes

Sheriff Pat Garrett - Rod Cameron (Nathan Cox)
Billy Clanton/Clayton - Horst Frank
George Clanton/Clayton - Ángel Aranda
Agnes Goddard - Vivi Bach (Vivi Bak)
Santero - Dick Palmer (Domenico Palmara)
Mike Goddard - Luis Durán (Ludwig Durán)
Elena/Helen - Kay Fischer (Kai Fischer)
Manuel/Wirt - Andrew Ray (Andrea Aureli)
Manny/Manuel - Julio P. Tabernero (Julio Pérez Tabernero)
Ramon - Joseph Martin (José Pérez)
Miguel - Tito García (Pablo Gonzalez)
Martha Coogan - Judy Robbins (Giulia Rubini)
Reverend Alvarez - Hans Nielsen
Captain McKay - Joe Kamel (Giuseppe Frisaldi)
banker - Juan Cortés
Santero henchman - Simón Arriaga
with; Paul Smith (Anam Edel), Laly Tenory (Eulalia T

The Clayton/Clanton brothers, Billy and George, rob a bank on the day of Sheriff Pat Garrett's wedding. When they kill two of the bank employees who have recognized them, their only option is to head for Mexico with Garrett in hot pursuit. Thinking they are safe the brothers stop at a local inn for the night. Garrett easily captures them but the trail back becomes difficult when a local bandit Santero learns of the $30,000 dollars the trio has with them. Avoiding the bandits while crossing the desert the three men find a ranch and stop for a rest. The ranch is run by a young woman Agnes and her brother. When Billy falls for Agnes he sees the evil in his ways and begins to transform into a decent person. Billy helps Garret defend the money when Santero and his gang attack. He even saves Agnes' brother when the ranch house is set on fire. Garret will make it back and put in a good word for Billy at his trial and when he's set free he'll have a place to return to at Agnes' ranch. This film is really a western in the American form filmed in Spain. The film which was produced at the same time and filmed on the same town site was caleed “Fistful of Dollars” and completely changed the western genre. The differences between the two films is staggering. Try and watch them at one sitting and you won't believe they were filmed back to back with many of the same personnel.

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  1. Biltmore: Where did you find the name Emil Morik?????

  2. I believe I saw it on a Turkish poster.

  3. Emil Morik = Ennio Morricone?

    I didn't think much of the movie, although some parts were OK. Rod Cameron was just too damn old for his role.


    From my youtube! :)

  5. I think it was a German poster that called Ennio Emil Morik. Leone was Georg Schock in some promo material for FISTFUL.

  6. Thanks ephedrino, I knew I saw it somewhere on a poster. Honest guys I don't make this stuff up, and I'm not writing a book so material is not documented. I have to go by memory or hopefully I still have something in my file cabinets. I don't mind the questioning at all it's just not always easy to find the source sometimes.