Thursday, December 24, 2009

Brett Halsey biography

Brett Halsey's film career is comprised of an amazing body of work: big-budget Hollywood A pictures like All I Desire; cult JD movies that include Hot Rod Rumble and High School Hellcats; classic horror/sci-fi flicks Return of the Fly and The Atomic Submarine; numerous Spaghetti Western titles including Kill Johnny Ringo and Today We Kill...Tomorrow We Die; a series of Eurospy thrillers, notably Espionage in Lisbon and Spy in Your Eye; films with Dario Argento and Lucio Fulci; an impressive resume of television appearances including the series Follow the Sun and the soap opera General Hospital. He has also authored several novels and screenplays and stepped behind the camera to take on directing and producing.

But it will be his film roles that will define this consumate working actor. In his best roles, Halsey transcends the mechanics of screen acting - focus on character, concentration on serving the script, good interpretation of dialogue, clear delivery, lithe physical movement, mobility of facial expression - principally because the screen is Halsey's natural home.

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