Friday, December 25, 2009

Remembering Armando Calvo

Armando Calvo Pascual Lespier wa born on December 25, 1919 in San Juan, Puerto Rico. He was the son of Spanish actor Juan Calvo and Puerto Rican Lespier. He was the brother of actor Manolo Calvo. Armando began working in the theater at 5 years of age and made his film debut in 1934. In 1945 he settled in Mexico, working in films until the '60s when he returned to filmmaking in Spain. During this time he made eleven Eurowesterns starting with “The Sign of Zorro” in 1960 and ending with “A Fistful of Lead” in 1970. In between he appeared in “A Coffin for the Sheriff”, “Ringo's Big Night”, “Django Does Not Forgive”, “Ringo the Face of Revenge”, “Two Crosses at Danger Pass”, “Go for Broke”, “Killer, Adios”, “A Pistol for 100 Coffins” and “Ringo, the Lone Rider”. In the early '70s he returned to Mexico, working in television, theater and film. The last years of his life were spent living confined in a hotel and spent his time writing and painting. He died on July 6 1996 in Mexico City of heart failure at 76 years old. The name of this extraordinary first actor is written in golden letters in the history of film, television and theater and Mexican Spanish. We celebrate today what would have been Armando Calvo's 90th birthday.

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