Thursday, December 17, 2009

By the Law

Po zakonu – Russian title
Dura Lex – Russian title
Troye – Russian title
Lain mukaan – Finnish title
Selon la loi – French title
Sühne – German title
Secondo la legge – Italian title
Segun la ley – Spanish title
Die Harde Wet – German title
By the Law – English title

A 1926 U.S.S.R. production [Goskino (Moscow)]
Director: Lev Kuleshov
Story: “The Unexpected” by Jack London (John Chaney)
Screenplay: Lev Kuleshov, Viktor Shklovsky
Cinematography: Konstantin Kuznetsov [black & white]
Music: Jan Bus
Running time: 89 minutes

Michael Dennin - Vladimir Fogel
Edith Nelson - Alexandre Khokholova
Hans Nelson - Sergei Komarov
Harky - Pyotr Galadzhen
Dutchy - Porfiri Podobed

A five-person team of gold prospectors venture to the Yukon in search of gold, and have just begun to find success when suddenly a dispute arises and one of the members kills two of the others. The two survivors of the attack, a husband and wife, subdue the killer but are now faced with a dilemma. With no opportunity of turning him over to the lawful authorities for many weeks they must decide whether to exact justice and punishment themselves or to try keeping him restrained until they can return him to civilization.

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