Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Happy 70th Birthday Liv Ullmann

Liv Johanne Ullmann was born December 16, 1938 in Tokyo, Japan. She is a Nrwegian actress and film director, as well as one of the muses of Swedish director Ingmar Bergman. She's won a Golden Globe Award, and has also been nominated for both the Palme d'Or and twice for an Oscar and BAFTA Award. She appeared in nine films for Ingmar Bergman and “Scenes from a Marriage” made her an icon in the 1970s feminist movement. Liv appeared in two Eurowesterns “The Emigrants” 1970 and “The New Land” (1972) playing Kristina in the on going adventures of a Swedish farm family who settle in the West. Today we celebrate Liv Ullmann's 70th birthday


  1. Interesting that you refer to the Emigrant saga as Eurowesterns. I've never thought of the movies as Westerns. Sure, they go to America, but the woods in Minnesota? On the other hand, most people think of J.F. Cooper's novels as Westerns because of the Indians, even if they take place in Eastern America. At least some of them, I guess.
    The director of The Emigrants went to the U.S. to scout locations, but realized the deep Swedish forests were more suitable. But the best part is New York's harbor! It was of course impossible to use the real harbor there, and they couldn't redress it. So... They ended up using the harbor of my hometown; Landskrona in southern Sweden! (Btw, Landskrona is the birthplace of actresses Janet Agren and Ewa Aulin, and at least Janet did a Spaghetti western)
    Have you or anyone else by any chance seen the American remake of the Emigrant saga? I believe it's a miniseries starring Bonnie Bedelia, presumably in Ullmanns part.

  2. Thanks Pidde. You are correct that Minnesota is not the Wild or Far West but any state west of the Mississippi was considered the West in those days. It also goes for the midwestern states during colonial days they were considered the west. We also have a reference in the Spaghetti Western 'Minnesota Clay' so many Europeans think of our midwest as the west.