Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Who Are Those Guys? Artemio Antonini

Artemio Antonini was an Italian stuntman, character actor and extra who appeared in over 25 European westerns. He seldom played a name character and you could sppt him as a gang member, henchman, saloon patron, soldier or brawler. With his rubber-like face he was quite adept at playing comedy roles. Probably his biggest role was in the 1971 western “Trinity is Still My Name” where he played the role of Lenny Smith the brother of Stingray Smith. The large actor began appearing in films in the early 1960 Sword and Sandal films and continued his career until the early 1980s. He was also a stunt coordinator and appeared in a half-dozen Ternece Hill/Bud Spener films. Artemio died in Rome, Italy on December 5, 2001. Just another face in the crowd you can now put a name to.

ANTONINI, Artemio [19??, Italy – 12/5/2001] – stuntman, stunt coordinator.

Cisco – 1966 (Patrick)
A Colt in the Hand of the Devil – 1967
The Handsome, the Ugly and the Stupid – 1967 (saloon patron)
The Two Faces of the Dollar – 1967
Dead for a Dollar – 1968 (brawler)
Zorro the Fox – 1968 (soldier)
The Five Man Army – 1969 [Mexican soldier]
The Stranger’s Gundown – 1969 (Hawkins henchman)
Quintana – 1969 (soldier)
A Man Called Apocalypse Joe – 1970 (bandit)
They Call My Trinity – 1970 (henchman)
Wanted Sabata – 1970 (Mexican)
The Ballad of Ben and Charlie – 1971(gambler)
Django Adios – 1971 (Mexican)
Mallory Must Not Die – 1971
Trinity is Still My Name – 1971 (Lenny Smith)
Two Sons of Trinity – 1971 (priest)
Alleluia and Sartana, Sons of God – 1972
They Called Him Amen – 1972 (Chaco gang member)
Another Try, Eh Providence – 1973 (saloon patron)
Carambola – 1973 (Glideson henchman)
White Fang and the Gold Diggers – 1974 (Donovan henchman)
White Fang and the Hunter – 1975
We are No Angels – 1975 (Shark henchman)

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