Friday, May 22, 2009

New DVD Release

Label: VideoAsia, Region Code 1, 3 Discs, 10 films
FLP-90979, Fullscreen/Widescreen, Color, Dolby Digital Stereo
Language: English, Extras: Trailers

Available 5/5/2009

For the first time ever comes the full saga of Sartana. From the first mention of the name in Blood At Sundown to the genre redefining series with Gianni Garko - If You Meet Sartana Pray For Your Death, Have A Good Funeral, My Friend...Sartana Will Pay, Sartana: Angel Of Death, Light The Fuse....Sartana Is Coming.

Also included are some of the numerous spin off films such as I Am Sartana (starring George Hilton), and Price Of Death (with Garko ripping off his own character), Sartana In The Valley Of Death (William Berger) and even the pairing of two popular characters with Django And Sartana's Showdown In The West and Django Vs. Sartana.

So light the fuse and have a good time discovering the spaghetti western legend that will pay for your funeral and be your pallbearer!


  1. I bought this at Best Buy two weeks ago. I noticed no trailers, but as a whole it's in better shape than other VideoAsia sets. All but one title are at least somewhat letterboxed, and several titles appear to be copied from a German DVD rather than the usual VHS (don't worry, the films are in English but the opening titles are auf Deutsch)so they're properly letterboxed and look pretty sharp. I've only looked at Blood at Sundown so far but I plan to review the whole set eventually.

  2. I watched DJANGO AND SARTANA ARE COMING ITS THE END last night, which was fullscreen and a bit scratchy, but I'd never seen it before so I was glad to finally view it in any format. The advertisement said trailers but like Sam I couldn't find any. No loss there.

  3. According to Chaco on another Board who kindly checked all films.."Have a Good Funeral","Angel of Death""Light the Fuse",Price of Death,"In the Valley of Death" are all letterboxed..the rest are full screen..Not a bad bargain for all those really..

  4. Thanks for the post Christopher I've changed the original poste to Fullscreen/Widescreen.