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Atolladero – International title

A 1994 Spanish, French co-production [fdg (Barcelona), Club D.Investissement Media
Producer: Arturo Duque
Director: Óscar Aibar
Story: Óscar Aibar
Screenplay: Óscar Aibar
Cinematography: Carles Gusi [Eastmancolor, Totalscope]
Music: Javier Navarrete
Song: “Atolladero”, "Black Forgotten Songs" sung by Iggy Pop (James Osterberg Jr)
Running time: 100 minutes

Lennie - Pere Ponce (Pere Alifonso)
Nick - Joaquín Hinojosa (Joaquín Segovia)
Madden - Iggy Pop (James Osterberg Jr)
Sal - Félix Rotaeta (Félix Otegui)
Stampy - Carlos Lucas
Benito - Pep Molina
Vince - Ion Gabella
Indian - Emilio Munoz
Indian girl - Ariadna Gil (Ariadna Giner)
Indian maiden - Cristian Hernandez
Darlene - Mònica Van Campen
colonel - Oriol Tramvia
Billy - Lluis Termes
judge - Xevi Collelmir (Xavier Collelmir)
Hannises - Mercè Pons
Lugareno - Benito Pocino
Vincent - Eulalia Campoy
cowboy #1 - Jordi Bernet
cowboy #2 - Horacio Altuna
ranger #1 - Fredy Fernandez
ranger #2 - José Manuel Salcedo
ranger #3 - Juan Arriazu
Mexican #1 - Luis Alfredo Gomez
Mexican #2 - Juan Hernandez
Mexican #3 - Jesus Jiminez
Antonia - Ana
Dolores - Miriam
Nick as a boy - Jorge Litago
bus driver - José Marin
children on bus - Jessica de Rodrigo, Jenny Larraz, Javier Perez, - Inigo Liorente, Steven Hernandez, Jessica Hernandez., Andrea Soto, David Saso, Jorge Litago, Inaki Gardanchal, Maider de Miguel, Victor Clavero
with: Mario Gas, Gabino Diego, Javier Gurruchaga, Sagario Jiminez, Isabel Silvano, Tomas Saso Clemente, Teodor Roldan, Santiago Garcia, Agustin Goni, Felix Moracho, Antonio Hernandez, José Angel Sanz

A futuristic western set in 2048 where we are told the towns between the major cities have become lawless wastelands. Atolladero is one such hell hole, and is run with ruthless efficiency by the 150 year old "Judge" and his evil henchmen. The Judge's right hand man is Madden, a half Indian psychopath played by punk legend Iggy Pop. Local cop Lenny (Pere Ponce) is one of the few decent men in town. Tired of the corruption and perversion endemic to the area he decides to quit his job, and start a new life in L.A. To do so he must go against the Judge and his nasty cronies as no one leaves Atolladero alive.

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  1. Is there a DVD of this film ATOLLADERO in any country available and if so where can it be purchased