Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Arizona violenta – Italian title
Fuga da Kayenta – Spanish title
Arizona Road - German title
Arizona Road – Heiß und gefährlich – German TV title
Tortilla Road – French title
Arizona Road – Escape from Kayenta – English title
Arizona Road – English title

A 1990 Italian production [Arizona Film, Trinidad Film (Rome)]
Producer: Ezzio Palaggi
Director: Larry Ludman (Fabrizio De Angelis)
Screenplay: Vincenzo Mannino, Fabrizio De Angeles
Cinematography: Federico Del Zoppo [Eastmancolor]
Music: Francesco De Masi
Running time: 115 minutes

Emilio/Emiliano - Antonio Sabàto Jr.
Aurora - Therry Turner (Teresa Leopardi)
Macedonio/McDonaldson - Lou Castel (Ulv Quarzell)
Morris - Donald Hodson
Vito Franco - Raul Julia-Levy
Sheriff Baker - Frank Diogene (Concetto Diogene)
FBI Agent - David Warbeck (David Mitchell)
McDonaldson henchman - Bruno di Luia
pool hustler - Matt Hefter
refree - Gilberto Galimberti
children - Paolo D’Urso, Fabio Damiani Palumbo, Esmeralda Risolo, Daniel Stipcevich, Alessandro Vita
with: Valentino Davio, Maria Grazia Nazzari, David Salvatori (Davide Salvatori), Alessandro Maria Amen, Ennio Brizzolari, Valerio Bucciarelli, Öle Jorgensen, Renato Pacifico, Ottorino Poletini, Bruna Rossi, Sergio Silveri, Aldo Stella, Settimio Scacco, Maurizio Streccioni, Angelo Susani, Marcello Verziera

By the same director who brought us the “Thunder Warrior” series, this modern day western was filmed in Monument Valley. Emiliano's battles old enemy, rich, town boss McDonaldson. When Emiliano's partner Morris is found dead after discovering a goldmine, the corrupt sheriff teams up with McDonaldson while Emilian enlists the help of a no-nonsense FBI agent. Guess who ends up with the gold mine and the girl.


  1. Tom, what I have is a bit different

    Original title seems to be Fuga da Kayenta (Tortilla Road)
    German title is Arizona Road, with an added "Heiß und gefährlich" ['hot and dangerous'] added for TV screenings.

    Emiliano - Antonio Sabato, Jr.; Aurora - Therry Turner (Teresa Leopardi); McDonaldson – Lou Castel; Sheriff Barker – Frank (Franco) Diogene; Morris – Donald Hodson; FBI Agent – David Warbeck; McDonaldson Henchman – Bruno di Luia; Boxing referee – Gilberto Galimberti; Kids – Paolo d’Urso, Fabio Damiani Palumbo, Esmeralda Risolo, Daniel Stipcevich, Alessandro Vita

    The synopsis reads:
    Poor Emiliano has an old enemy, rich McDonaldson. When E.'s old partner Morris is found dead, having discovered a goldmine, the corrupt sheriff teams up with McDonaldson, whilst Emiliano is teaming up with a no-nonsense-ranger (Warbeck). Guess who gets the gold and nice girl Aurora in the end.

    After my mix-up of Giusva Fioravanti with somebody else's pic from 2006 I'm really careful what is right and what is not quite exact...:-))

  2. Thanks Fatman, changes and additions made. Not to worry about Fioravanti he's not worth the mistake.