Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy 60th Birthday Marie France

Born Maria Francisca Serrer Gabaldon on May 10, 1949 in Barcelona, Spain, Marie France spent her early years moving from country to country including Turkey, Italy, Argentina, Chile and Peru. During this time she studied drama, speech and singing. She made her acting debut in Peru in Ganarás el pan. Marie appeared in her only Euro-western in 1965 as Alice Munroe in “The Last Tomahawk” (1964). She returned to Spain in 1967 to live and appear in several television show and as a presenter. She then turned to theater and appeared for a number of years on the Spanish stage. Marie France continues acting today in films, television and theater. Today we celebrate her 60th birthday.


  1. Tom, where did you find the facts about her? IMDB is a terrible mix and gathering of various Marie Frances, it appears. Very difficult to sort the google-findings out that are certainly about her (and not the 1946singer/transexual icon, for example)