Friday, May 15, 2009

New DVD reissue

A new reissue of Django y Sartana (One Damned Day at Dawn)
on the Llamentol label, Ratio: 4:3, Dolby Digital 2.0 with Spanish
and English languages, running time: 83 minutes, no extras.
Release date 5/11/2009


  1. Tom, have you seen any of those Spanish DVDs? Are they really only fullscreen or non-anamorphic widescreen? Or maybe the 4:3 logo is incorrect completely?

    By the way, LAST RIDE TO SANTA CRUZ has been announced by NEW Entertainment in Germany.

  2. Sorry, LAST RIDE TO SANTA CRUZ was announced by Eyecatcher, not NEW. The guys behind those two companies are mostly the same anyway...

  3. No I've not seen any of them. I was told about them and a website link gave me the information posted. Possibly Rob Muller can tell us more as he is a follower of this blog and lives in Spain. Or you can check them out when your in Madrid this coming summer.

  4. Django and Sartana with Dead Men Don't Make Shadows is coming from Wild East soon..

  5. Is the above a Spain, or S. American relese?

  6. I'd like to know if these new releases really have the English dub or not. Llamentol releaes of Dynamite Jim and 4 Dollars of Vengeance were supposed to have English dubs according to DVDGo when they were released but neither of them actually had. On the other hand, 4:3 might also be non-anamorphic widescreen which was the case with these two releases.

    About Acquasanta Joe: I had the previous Spanish release by Vella Vision and it's 1:1 with UK release by C'Est La Vie, sans the extras. I don't know about this new one by Llamentol.

    It seems that DVDGo can't be trusted at all, since info about the SW Box set "Wanted: Clasicos del spaghetti western" on the site is wrong too. GBU doesn't have the English dub promised but Keoma, which is supposed to be Spanish & Italian only, has. Aspect ratios given are also wrong since Keoma is not anamorphic... sigh!

  7. Django y Sartana is not One Damned Day at Dawn Django meets Sartana but Showdown in the West