Monday, May 18, 2009


A galope tendido – Spanish title
At Full Gallop – English title

A 2000 Spanish production [Canal + Espana, Estripe P.C., Televisión Española, Tesela
Producciones Cinematograficas (Madrid)]
Producer: Juan Carlos Rodríguez
Director: Julio Suárez (Julio Suárez Vega)
Story: Julio Suárez Vega
Screenplay: Verónica Fernández, Carlos Morcillo
Cinematography: Juan Carlos Gómez [Eastmancolor]
Music: Pablo Vega
Running time: 87 minutes

Jaime - Aitor Merino (Aitor Unzueta)
Doro - Ana Álvarez (Ana Páez)
Ibarra - Ramón Langa
Sofia - África Gozalbes
Paquita - Kiti Manver (María Vernalte)
Uncle Boni - Sancho Gracia
TV camerman - Alberto Alba
reviewer - Roberto Díaz
journalist - Daniel Díez
employee 1 - Ricardo Jesús García
María José - Rosario Granell
Don Félix - Magín Mayo
Fermin - Juan Carlos Pajares
Don Ramón - Miguel Palenzuela
employee 2 - Jesús Manuel Prieto
engineer 2 - Pedro Francisco Ramos
Willy - José Vicente Rivas
chief engineer - Daniel Rodrigo Rodríguez
employee 3 - Francisco Javier Rodríguez
barman - Alfonso Vallejo
Pepe - Felipe Zapico
with; Juan Carlos Alaiz, Fernando Arias, Fran Asensio, Miguel Baradas, José Luis Díez, Baltazar Fernández, Manuel Fidalgo, Mario Igelsias, Emilio López Castellanos, Nicolás López , Miguel Martínez González, Macrina Morán, José Luis Pajares, José María Peralva, Goyo Rodero, Aitana Rodríguez, Chantal Rodríguez, José María Suárez, Ignacio Sáenz de Pipaon, Javier Torio, Fernando Vega, Eliodoro Villa, Napoleón Álvarez

A man gets an unexpected chance to be the cowboy he's always wanted to be in this drama. Jaime (Aitor Merino) is a young man whose Uncle Boni (Sancho Gracia) was once a film director, making low-budget Westerns in Spain. While Jaime has a job working as a railway clerk, he takes after his uncle in his fascination with the heroic ways of the cowboy. When Jaime's boss Ibarra (Ramon Langa) threatens to close down the railroad office after oil is discovered near the line, Jaime uncovers some dirty dealings on Ibarra's part. Soon he has the opportunity to make like a white-Stetsoned hero as he tries to keep the office open, for the sake of himself and Doro (Ana Álvarez ), a co-worker with whom he's become infatuated. A Galope Tendido was the first feature film from director Julio Suarez. ~ Mark Deming, All Movie Guide


  1. ¿Has visto "800 balas", de Alex de la Iglesia?

  2. Yes. I saw it at the Egyptian Theater in Hollywood presented by Alex de la Iglesia and I also have a video copy. I enjoy it very much.