Sunday, May 24, 2009

Happy 85th Birthday José Manuel Martín

José Manuel Martín was born in Casavieja, Ávila, Castilla y León, Spain on May 24, 1924. He was one of the most active of the Spanish character actors during the height of the Spaghetti western genre and one of the best villains of his era. Seldom did he play on the side of the good but excelled as a villain in almost every role he was given and we wouldn’t want it any other way. Here was an actor, although you knew was a villain, you still admired and loved seeing on the screen. Today we wish José Manuel Martín a happy 85th birthday.


  1. Un gran característico, como Ricardo Palacios.

  2. Actually, Ricardo Palacios and he were card-playing buddies. Palacios once said that Martín was very dangerous when given a pack of cards!
    I now remember him in I WANT HIM DEAD, one of Martín's few lead roles.