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Arizona vuelve – Spanish title
Arizona si scateno… e li fece fuori tutti! – Italian title
Arizona se déchaîne – French title
An den Galgen, Hombre – German title
Der Tod sagt Amen – German title
To Monahiko pistoli tis nyhtas – Greek title
Um homem chamado Arizona - Portuguese title
Arizona Let’s Fly and Kills Everybody – English title
If You Gotta Shoot Someone… Bang! Bang! – English title
Arizona – English title
Arizona Colt Returns – English title
Arizona Colt, Hired Gun – English title
Arizona Returns – English title

A 1970 Spanish, Italian co-production [CC Astro/General Sajurjo 29 (Madrid), Devon
Films (Rome)]
Producer: Luciano Martino
Director: John Hamilton (Sergio Martino)
Story: Ernesto Gastaldi
Screenplay: Joaquín Romero Fernández (Joaquín Romero Marchent)
Cinematography: Miguel F. Mila (Miguel Fernández Mila) [Eastmancolor, Colorscope]
Music: Bruno Nicolai
Song: “I Guess I Gotta Get My Gun” sung by I Cantori Moderni
Running time: 102 minutes

Arizona Colt - Anthony Steffen (Antonio De Teffe)
Double Whiskey/ Two-Bottle Willy - Roberto Camardiel (Roberto Escudero)
José Gonzalez Moreno - José Manuel Martin
Keene/Chico - Aldo Sambrell (Alfredo Brell)
Paloma Moreno - Rosalba Neri
Jane/Sheila - Marcella Michelangeli (Marcella Ghelardi)
Chico’s henchmen - Louis Barboo, Joaquín Parra, Fernando Bilbao
marshal - Emilio delle Piane
Bigley - Raffaele Baldassarre
Jack - Carlos Romero Marchent
doctor - Silvio Bagolini
Buzzard - Gilda Bilbao (Gildo Di Marco)
bounty hunters - Dan van Husen (Daniel van Husen), Antonio Molino Rojo
townsman - Fortunato Arena
with: Ardia Pinuccio, Enrico Marciani, Brizio Montinaro, Leonidas Guerra, Florentino Alonso, Renato Malavasi, Elio Angelucci

Anthony Steffen plays Arizona Colt, replacing Montgomery Wood (Giuliano Gemma). Arizona and his pal Double Whiskey (Roberto Camardiel), reprising his role from the first film) are still hanging together, and Arizona is still a bounty hunter. He soon finds out that there's a bounty on his head, for a stagecoach robbery that he had nothing to do with. The real culprit was a bandito with the oddly Anglicized name of "Keene" (Aldo Sambrell), who's apparently had some sort of grudge against Colt for a while. Keene's also been plotting to steal the gold from a local rancher, whose daughter he is secretly involved with. Arizona is captured by the townspeople and hanged (although due to a crafty trick with a wire, he survives). He then goes on a trail of revenge and wipes out Keene and his gang in typical spaghetti fashion. By the time this film was made the serious westerns of the genre had been replaced by comedies and this falls in between the two. Not bad for a Steffen western but not even close to the Gemma original.

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