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A 1985 East German, Romanian co-production [DEFA (E. Berlin), Buftea Film
Producer: Siegfried Kabitzke
Director: Helge Trimpert
Screenplay: Stefan Kolditz, Andreas Scheinert
Cinematography: Peter Brand [color]
Music: Jürgen Kehrt
Running time: 95 minutes

Tom Atkins - Oleg Borisov (Albert Borisov)
Morris - Peter Zimmermann
the old one - Colea Rautu (Colea Rutkobschi)
Rose - Barbara Dittus
Emilie - Margit Bendokat
Clytie - Kerstin Heine
with: Axel Werner, Holger Franke, Peter Heiland, Papil Panduru, Vasile Nitulescu, Sorrin Mocanu, Heinz Hupfer

A western set in the U.S. around the turn of the 20th century. Atkins leaves the city to return to the valley where he formerly lived. There he meets Native Americans who learn to trust him. They ask Atkins to buy weapons for them. On his journey Atkins meets Morris, whose interest in mineral resources puts Atkins loyalty to the Native Americans to the test.

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