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Requiem per un Gringo - Italian title
Réquiem para el gringo - Spanish title
Requiem pour Gringo - French title
Requiem für Django - German title
A Justiça de Gringo - Portuguese title
Duelo ao eclipse - Portuguese title
7 Shadows of a Gunfighter - English title
Requeim for a Gringo - English title
Duel in the Eclipse - English title

A 1968 Italian, Spanish co-production [Prodmix Film (Rome), Hispamer (Madrid)]
Producer: Sergio Newman
Director: José Luis Merino (José Boves)
Story: Enrico Colombo, Giuliana Caravaglia
Screenplay: Maria del Carmen Martinez Roman
Cinematography: Mario Pacheco (Mario Pacheco de Usa) [Eastmancolor, widescreen]
Music: Angelo Francesco Lavagnino
Song: “Sandstorm” sung by I Cantori Moderni
Running time: 100 minutes

Ross Logan/Gringo - Lang Jeffries (William Loppin)
Alma - Femi Benussi (Eufemia Benussi)
Porfirio Carranza - Fernando Sancho (Fernando Les)
Charley Fain - Aldo Sambrell (Aldo Brell)
Dan Ross - Glenn Saxon (Roel Bos)
Lupe - Giuly Garr (Giuliana Garavaglia)
Ted Corby - Carlo Gaddi
Tom - Rubén Rojo (Rubén Pinto)
Nina - Marisa Paredes (Maria Bartolome)
Samuel - Ángel Álvarez (Ángel Fernández)
with: Carlo Simoni

Returning home town Ross Logan, a man of high fashion who wears a jaguar skin poncho, immediately gets into a conflict with the Carranza gang, which had just crossed the Mexican border and is occupying a nearby hacienda. After Logan’s brother is killed he plans a cold blooded revenge for which he separates the gang's most dangerous members by using their individual weak points and the general discordance amongst them. The time for the final confrontation is set by the astronomically interested Logan amidst a solar eclipse.

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  1. Portuguese title (original subtitled):

    Video title in 80s:

  2. Thanks Antonio, I always appreciate your giving me the Portuguese titles.

  3. Wouldn't that be a jaguar pelt? The jaguar was a symbol of courage and strength to Central and South American cultures and had particular signifigance to the Aztecs and the Mayans. I think there my be more to the poncho than fashion, though you never know in a Spaghetti Western.

  4. Sartana you are probably correct in theory but I would say the poncho was actually made from a leopard skin either real or fake, but I'll change it for authenticity.

  5. I didn't realize the runtime was 100m. The version I have must be cut to under 90m.


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