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The myth of Plato's cave inspires the museum in homage to Carlo Simi and 'The Good, the Bad and the Ugly' in Covarrubias (Burgos)

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February 3, 2024

[COVARRUBIAS (BURGOS, 03/02/2024.- Building in the town of Covarrubias in Burgos, where the Carlo Simi-Sad Hill Museum will be built, which will house the legacy of set designer Carlo Simi. EFE/Santi Otero]

Covarrubias (Burgos) (EFE).- The myth of Plato's cave, a simile of cinema, will inspire the Carlo Simi-Sad Hill Museum that will be built in Covarrubias (Burgos) and that will house the legacy of the set designer Carlo Simi, responsible for the design of the Sad Hill Cemetery, one of the four scenarios of 'The Good, the Bad and the Ugly' filmed in the Mirandilla valley of Burgos.

Based on the concept of the screen as an element that separates reality and fiction, and the game that is established between real scenarios and scenography created for a film, a living and dynamic museum space has been designed, whose works will start in 2024, Javier Sánchez, the architect responsible for the project, confirmed to EFE.

The future Carlo Simi-Sad Hill Museum, promoted by the family of the Italian architect, members of the project for the recovery of the Sad Hill Cemetery and the City Council of Covarrubias, has been officially presented this Saturday at Interferencias, the VI International Congress of Architecture and Cinema that is being held in the town of Rachela this weekend.

It will be located next to the Church of Santo Tomás, in a building eight meters long, eight meters deep and eight meters high that is known as the Casilla de Santo Tomás, and for its rehabilitation it has a grant from the Junta de Castilla y León of 144,623 euros, an important part of the around 250,000 that the project will cost.

It will have a ground floor, where designs, drawings, plans and Simi's props linked to 'The Good, the Bad and the Ugly' will be exhibited; and a first floor, intended for temporary exhibitions, in which the great legacy of the architect, Leone's right-hand man in all his films and responsible for the scenography of many other works, will be shown.

[COVARRUBIAS (BURGOS, 2/3/2024.- Building in the town of Covarrubias in Burgos, which will house the Carlo Simi-Sad Hill Museum, which will house the legacy of the set designer Carlo Simi. EFE/Santi Otero]

The ground floor, like Plato's cave, will be a blind space, in which the texture of the building, the stones, and with little light, like a movie theater, will be enhanced; Meanwhile, the first floor will be brighter, and will give way to an indoor space, to be rebuilt, where the research center, archive and study area of Simi's work will be located.

The project is completed with a cultural space in the outdoor area, known as Huerto de Dios, which has its own amphitheater, a natural nod to the Sad Hill Cemetery itself, said Sánchez, and which will be landscaped with junipers, the emblematic species of the Natural Park of the Sabinares del Arlanza, where the mythical film was shot.

Works in 2024 and inauguration in 2025

Javier Sánchez has indicated that the execution project will be ready in a couple of months; The works will then be put out to tender, which will have an execution period of five or six months, so he estimates that the museum will be built by the end of 2024 or the beginning of 2025.

Then it would be time for the second phase, the musealization, for which they are already seeking funding in the province, without ruling out going to calls for European funds, so that by the summer of 2025 the Carlo Simi-Sad Hill Museum could open its doors in Covarrubias, under the management of the University of Burgos.

Joseba del Valle, coordinator of the project and one of the promoters of the recovery of the sets of Leone's film, has admitted that the museum is "a gift from heaven", on which they have been working for two years; and thanked the Simi family for choosing Burgos for a museum that could have been anywhere else in the world.

[BURGOS, 2/3/2024.- Joseba del Valle (l), coordinator of the project promoted by Carlo Simi's family, and Javier Sánchez, architect, present the project of the Carlo Simi-Sad Hill Museum, which will house the legacy of the set designer Carlo Simi, this Saturday in Burgos. EFE/ Santi Otero]

"We had the feeling that this was the place"

In fact, Giuditta Simi, the daughter of the set designer, has participated by videoconference in Interferences and has explained that they initially considered Tabernas (Almería) to install the museum, given that there are three sets of the film created by Simi.

However, the interest shown in Burgos in showing her father's legacy encouraged her and her mother to choose the province for the project; "We had the feeling that this was the place," he said.

In addition, Giuditta Simi has acknowledged that the "project closes a circle from the moment her parents conceived it", as it took place during the filming of 'The Good, the Bad and the Ugly', precisely in Covarrubias.

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