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European Western Comics – Avventure – Far West Stories


Adventure – Far West Adventures

This comic book series started as a monthly then bimonthly which was published in 1948 in Genoa, Italy by Edizioni Avventure under the direction of Giovanni De Leo. It presents prose stories of the western genre, written by Gian Luigi Bonelli (J. B. O'Selly), Giovanni De Leo (Little John), Renzo Barbieri and William Donald author of Red Killer. The black and white illustrations were drawn by Alvaro Mairani, Aldo Profumo, Epar, A. Todarello, Gallieno Ferri (Fergal). Coverswere created by Alvaro Mairani (Almay) and Aldo Profumo. Beginning with issue #13 The magazine name changed to Far West Adventures. On the August 1950 #15 the date is stamped above May-June 1950, just as the writing A.G.I.R.E. is stamped above the Messaggerie Italiane distributor. Announced but not found the number. #16 "Tomahawk"

The series premiers with issue #1 on October 30, 1948, and ended with #15 on June 5, 1950. Each issue contained 48 pages.



01 (30.10.48) - “Quando la morte chiama” (When Death Calls)

02 (30.11.48) - “Sangue sulla frontiera” (Blood on the Border)

03 (30.01.49) - “Il Ranch Maledetto” (The Cursed Ranch)

04 (28.02.49) - “Il vampiro di Kansas City” (The Kansas City Vampire)

05 (31.03.49) - “Il rodeo della morte” (The Rodeo of Death)

06 (28.02.49) - “L'implacabile Cow Boy” (The Relentless Cowboy)

07 (00.07.49) - “La vendetta di Tommy Whiles” (The Revenge of Tommy Whiles)

08 (00.08.49) - “Frontiere selvagge” (Wild Frontiers)

09 (00.09.49) - “Satan” (Satan)

10 (00.10.49) - “La signora del West” (The Lady of the West)

11 (00.11.49) - “Il bandito” (The Bandit)

12 (01-02.50) - “La legge del sangue” (The Law of Blood)

13 (02-03.50) - “Jane Custer” (Jane Custer)

14 (04-05.50) - “La via della sete” (The Road of Thirst)

15 (05-06.50) - “Pain della morte” (Pain of Death)

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