Thursday, February 15, 2024

A new Italian book release Bruno Nicolai – la vita, le opere, gli incontri


Bruno Nicolai – la vita, le opere, gli incontri

(Bruno Nicolai – the life, the works, the meetings)


Author: Adriano Bassi


Country: Italy:

Publisher: Edi-Pan

Language: Italian

Pages: 296

ISBN-13: 978-88905478-8-1  

Available: February 4, 2024


Bruno Nicolai, a prominent figure in the Italian music landscape of the second ninetieth century for the value, breadth and eclecticism of his compositions that span with unwrapped freedom from applied to the "absolute" music, from the light repertoire to classical and also (and very) experimental.

In the latter sector he was active both in "making music", and as a "diffuser of contemporary art music": in 1966 he founded the "Chamber Music Group for Contemporary Music", in 1977 the Cooperative "La Musica" and later published the magazine "1985 la musica" until 1988. His desire to embrace music in all its forms led him to create in 1975 the publishing house EDI-PAN, a niche label that boasts a comprehensive catalogue of music from the Middle Ages to the Second Ninetieth Century without excluding the popular repertoire, jazz and music scores for the Cinema, everything with equal dignity.


  1. On the earthly musical plane, few souls matched each other. The partnership between Ennio Morricone and Bruno Nicolai was a combination of beautiful compositions with beautiful chords and lots of light, this goes far beyond eternity. We admirers of the films, we owe gratitude to God for this wonderful combination. Grazie!!!! Marcos Lima.