Friday, February 23, 2024

Stefano Jacurti: Western heart and soul even in everyday life

Lots of interesting news from this well-known actor, director and writer. There's a theater show, a book and a movie in 2024 which he’s just finished

GP Magazine

by Silvia Giansanti

February 11, 2024

He has always lived in the western world, his heart and soul are there, even when he walks the streets of the Capital, going about everyday life. Stefano Jacurti has several shows based on this genre. The Western is immortal and interest in it is always constant. It’s not a coincidence that he is called the most western man in Italy.

Stefano, I seem to understand that 2024 is off to a great start.

“I would say yes from a professional point of view. I'm so charged and concentrated right now. There’s a lot of news, as I’ve just finished shooting a movie, the third episode of the trilogy called ‘Beyond the Border’ directed by Emiliano Ferrera, a western of course. This episode is called 'Date at White Buffalo'. The promotion of the book Western Cinema and Not Bloody dedicated to Sam Peckinpah is still underway. I wanted to write about the great western director. It had been sixteen years since there was a publication of this kind. There are all the anecdotes about this great character who worked with big names like Steve McQueen, Dustin Hoffman, Charlton Heston and many other Hollywood stars of the time. He really was a filmmaker, anarchist in Old Hollywood and shot the greatest western in history. Also in April, together with my colleague Arianna Cigni, directed by Alessandro Iori and with many other actors, my text about the American civil war will be staged at Teatro Petrolini where General Grant will be staged again with a completely unreleased story entitled ‘The Request’. The expected dates are April 4, 5, 6 and 7”.

You have started again in the name of the western.

“Clint Eastwood invites you to never give up. He says that it doesn’t matter how many hits you can throw, but how many hits you can take to move forward. We must treasure this metaphorical and important sentence of his. That’s why we’re putting our all in to bring the western genre back into more sectors, at least as far as I’m concerned”.

Do you still notice interest in this genre?

“If it wasn’t like that, I would have immediately stopped writing, filming and performing western”.

Do young people enjoy it too?

“Absolutely yes and when I realize that I’m extremely happy. On the web there are many that in reality, maybe there can be many more. After all, there are myths and heroes of this kind. The Western will never die. You always regenerate to start all over again every time. This long story of it, began in 1903 with the first western filmed by the fantastic Sergio Leone’s father. My father was a schoolmate of his. It had nothing to do with cinema, but having met Sergio Leone, he gave me all the passion. Always out of curiosity, my father, before meeting my mother, was engaged to Silvana Mangano”.

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