Friday, February 9, 2024

Spaghetti Western Trivia – “Doomsday”aka “Drummer of Vengeance”

 During production Ty Hardin was listed as “Drummer of Vengeance” director (as William Hungerford). Is Hardin also the producer listed as Oscar Regan ?!!!

Panajotovic & Hardin co-owned Noble Films along with Maurizio Lucidi.

Following the original announcement of the formation of Noble Films, it looks like Lucidi went his separate way.

Gariazzo didn't get a lot of respect from his actors, as Richard Harrison later claimed to have directed “Aquasanta Joe”.

Remember back in 1963 Hardin also told Variety that he was the director of “Man of the Cursed Valley” during filming (as Oscar Hungerford)

The Robert Paget that the IMDB has is not the same American that they have. Robert Paget on Drummer would be Mario Gariazzo.

[submitted by Mike Ferguson]

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