Wednesday, February 14, 2024

RIP Sergio Garrone


Claudia Garrone Nibbs reported on Facebook on February 13th that her father producer, director, writer Sergio Garrone, brother of the late actor Riccardo Garrone [1926-2016] died in the British Virgin Islands last July. He was 98. Sergio was born in Rome on April 15, 1925, and began his career in 1948 working as assistant director, documentary filmmaker, and production assistant. In 1953, he abandoned the cinema industry, but in 1965 he resurfaced as a producer of low-budget genre films. Starting in 1968, Garrone was also active as a director and a screenwriter, specializing in Spaghetti westerns. Garrone was usually credited as Willy S. Regan. He directed and wrote “If You Want to Live... Shoot!” (1967); “No Graves on Boot Hill” (1968); “The Stranger’s Gundown”, “No Room to Die” both in 1969; “Kill Django... Kill First” 1970 and “Vendetta at Dawn” (1971) and “Dirty Dollars” a film that was scheduled to be made in 1970 but was never completed. He co-wrote screenplays for “Degueyo” (1965); “Killer Kid” (1967) and “Bastard, Go and Kill” 1971.

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