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Who Are Those Singers & Musicians ~ Gianni Davoli


Giovandomenico ‘Gianni’ Davoli was born in Rome, Italy on August, 10, 1943. After middle school, he began to get passionate about music (he studied different musical instruments) and took Domenico Modugno as his idol. In 1964 he created a group and performed in concerts and on television interpreting Modugno songs thanks to the collaboration of bassist Piero Montanari. Davoli also sang songs by many other artists popular at the time and began his career as an arranger for many singers and songwriters; Especially those of the sixties and seventies.

In 1967 he made his debut as a singer-songwriter at Det which published the 45 rpm ‘Ciao divertiti/Come un bambino’. Both tracks were completed thanks to the collaboration of Ezio Leoni and Cesare Gigli. The 45, however, went completely unnoticed. Also in 1967 he created the musical group "Gli Eccentrici", with which he made a single 45 rpm of moderate success, ‘I've Lost You / Morning’, the tracks were written and composed by Gianni Marchetti, Giovanna Marini and Francesco Maselli.

For several years he was one of the participants of Cantagiro, the song festival that launched many singers of music in the 1960s. He became very popular in Italy and Australia for his repertoire, especially for the Domenico Modugno's songs, considered 1st singer of the history of Italian music. His career also dotted by TV broadcasts of success as ‘Domenica In’, ‘Uno Mattina’, ‘Sereno Variabile’. He is the uncle of singer Giorgia (Giorgia Todrani) [1971-    ].

DAVOLI, Gianni (Giovandomenico Davoli) [8/10/1943, Rome, Lazio, Italy -     ] - actor, singer, uncle of singer Giorgia (Giorgia Todrani) [1971-    ], founded the musical group "Gli Eccentrici".

Full House for the Devil – 1968 [sings: “Forgive and Not Forget”]

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