Tuesday, October 18, 2022

Der Ragenmacher

 Der ragenmacher – German title

The Rainmaker – English translated title


A 1980 German film production


Director: Ludwig Cremer

Story: N. Richard Nash


Photography: [color]

Music: Charly Niessen

Running time: 115 minutes



Noah Curry – Rolf Bevker

Lizzie Curry – Cornelia Froboess

Bill Starbuck – Götz George

File – Günter Lamprecht

H.C. Curry – Walter Richter

Jim Curry – Jochen Schroeder

In the summer of 1913, a heat wave threatens the existence of the farm of H. C. Curry and his sons: The cattle die of thirst, the grain dries up. Then the adventurer Bill Starbuck comes to the ranch and claims he can conjure up rain for 100 dollars. The father and daughter Lizzie are believing the swindler.

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