Friday, October 14, 2022

RIP Ralf Wolter


The popular film and television actor Ralf Wolter died in Munich, Bavaria Germany on October 14, 2022. Wolter, the co-star of numerous Karl May films died at the age of 95, as his wife told the German Press Agency on Friday. She did not provide any further information. He had long since retired from public life. Ralf Wolter celebrated his greatest successes alongside “Winnetou” actor Pierre Brice in the 1960s, including the role of the quick-witted Sam Hawkens. Many viewers also associate Wolter with the cinema role of a second Karl May character: the Haji Halef Omar Ben Haji Abul Abbas Ibn Haji Dawuhd al Gossarah. His performances alongside Pierre Brice and Lex Barker are arguably some of the most memorable by audiences to date. The actor was seen in many other productions, for example in “Tatort”, in “Der Alte”, “Ein Schloss am Wörthersee” or “Küstenwache”. He had his last appearance in a film in 2012 in “Unto the Horizon, Then Left”. The actor, who lived in the Bavarian capital for many years, was born in Berlin on November 26, 1926. His father was a circus artist, his mother a musician. After attending drama school, Wolter began as a cabaret artist. Theater stations were stages in Berlin and Potsdam, later Munich.

Wolter's westerns and western documentaries include:  "The Treasure of Silver Lake"1962 (Sam Hawkens); "Apache Gold" 1963 (Sam Hawkens); "Apaches Last Battle" 1963 (Sam Hawkens), "Massacre at Marble City" 1964 (Tim Fletcher); "The Desperado Trail" 1965 (Sam Hawkens); 'Freispruch für Old Shatterhand' (TV) 1965 (Hadschi Halef Omar) [archive footage]; "Who Killed Johnny R.?" 1965 (Billy Monroe); "The Halfbreed" 1966 (Sam Hawkens); "The Man With the Long Gun" 1968 (Sam Hawkens); "Pistolen-Jenny" (TV) 1969 (Miller); 'My Friend Winnetou' (TV) 1979 (Sam Hawkens); "Asterix Conquers America" 1994 [German voice of Getafix]; 'In the Footsteps of Winnetou' (TV) 2004 [himself]; 'Karl May Adventures: The Blind Brothers" 2011 [film was never made]; "Legenden: Pierre Brice - Die beliebte ARD-Reihe über den unvergesslichen Winnetou-Darsteller" 2012 [himself]

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