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From B-movies to 70s photonovels: the cowboy life of "John Benedy"

 The actor from Brindisi Giovanni De Benedittis starred in several low-cost films between the 70s and 80s, also catching a loud slap from Mario Merola

Brindisi Report

By Salvatore Barbarossa

March 12, 2017

BRINDISI – Someone will remember him in the scene of a film by Mario Merola, "Il Carcerato", in which he catches a loud slap from the Neapolitan neomelodic singer, after having reproached him in the (scenic) guise of a prison police officer. The lovers of the so-called B-Movies will have a jolt in reviewing many years after his last ciak the actor from Brindisi Giovanni De Benedittis, aka John Benedy, now 78 years old.

Salvatore Barbarossa went to visit him in his home in the countryside of "Serranova", between Brindisi and San Vito dei Normanni. He showed up at the appointment with a hat, belt and cowboy-style boots, as if he were to return to act in one of the many spaghetti westerns in which he appeared in the 70s.

John Benedy, with his unmistakable mustache, told of his life dedicated to low-cost films (those, to be clear, made famous by Lino Banfi and Edwige Fenech) and photo novels ("Grand Hotel" above all), in the video interview accompanying the article, with images of films and glossy pages of which he was the protagonist.

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