Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Alaska. Lost Face


Аляска. Потерявший лицо – Russian title

Alaska. Lost Face – English title


A 2020 Russian short film [? (Moscow)]

Producer: Alexey Matveev

Director: Alexey Matveev

Story: Lost Face Jack London

Screenplay: Alexey Matveev

Cinematography: Andrei Ivanov [color]

Music: Ilya Gotovtsev

Running time: 20 minutes



Subienkow – Aleksandr Konev

Makamuk - Andrey Topoev

Daughter - Saryada Nikandrova

Yakaga - Valeriy Sklyarov

Big Ivan - Aleksey Voskresenskiy

Indians - Shakhin Adygezalov, Eduard Sabitov

Subyenkov, a fur miner, has risen through the ranks, starting as an idealist and ending up as a criminal thrown by fate into the lands of Alaska. And now he sits tied up in natives' captivity. And next to him, a "Big Ivan" is twisting with pain, a man he thought was a man without nerves. Subyenkov finds a way out for himself, telling the Indian leader about a miraculous remedy that will simply prevent him from dying. The experience of trading with the Indians helps him get the chief into his game. So what's he up to?

Entire film link: https://cinemall.ru/cinema/aliaska-poteriavshii-litso-2020


[Thanks to Mike Ferguson]

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