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European Western Comic Books - Collana Albi 2000


Collana Albi 2000

A total of 13 issues including two different editions of #9 and #10. Second series of Albi 2000, presents reprints of material already published in Albi Ariete Grandi Adventure (Ariete, 1955) (#1/5) with new drawings by Gino Cossio or taken from Dick Saetta (#6/7) from the III series of Great Adventures ; Rocket (#2,6); Gunga Din (#9) from the II series of Great Adventures. On #10 (February 1959) and #11 (March 1959), in III of cop., The following announcement is found: “To our friends. We apologize if, contrary to what was announced in #8,# 9 and #10 of the “Albi 2000” series do not respectively bear the title: “Ambush to the Red Rocks” and “Il covo dei banditi”. The publications bearing the following stories, although printed, due to a lack of timely authorization of the French copyright have not been put up for sale. However, we supplement with original tales even better than those announced. The direction". However, the numbers are regularly distributed even with these titles. Images were provided by Nestore Corti.

The comic book series was published in 1958 with #1 on February 2, 1958 to #13 in March 1959 in Milan, Italy by DNP Publishers under the direction of Badelli. Each issue contained 96 black and white pages with color covers.


01 (00.02.58) - “La fine dei Mescaleros - Dog-of-War” (The End of the Mescaleros – Dogs-of-War)

02 (00.03.58) - “Missione fra i Papua - L'assalto dei Papua” (Mission Among the Papuans - The Onslaught of the Papuans)

03 (00.04.58) - “Furia indiana” (Indian Fury)

04 (00.00.58) - “Arrivano i desperados” (The Desperados are Coming)

05 (00.07.58) - “Il grande Kid - I banditi di Clearwater” (The Big Kid – Clearwater Bandits)

06 (00.10.58) - “Operazione X” (Operation X)

07 (00.10.58) - “Abbattete i mostri!” (Kill the Monsters)

08 (00.12.58) - “Gli eroi del West - L'assalto alla diligenza” (The Heroes of the West – The Assault on the Stagecoach)

09 (00.12.58) - “La morte nella prateria! - Agguato alle rocce rosse” (Death on the Prairie! - Ambush at the Red Rocks)

9b (00.02.59) - “Senza pietà” (Without Mercy)

10 (00.00.59) - “S.O.S. Polizia - Il covo dei banditi” (S.O.S. Police - The Den of the Bandits

10b (00.02.59) - “La via del delitto” (The Way of Crime)

11 (00.03.59) - “Ma c'è ancora speranza” (But There is Still Hope)

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