Thursday, October 13, 2022

Viggo Mortensen returns to directing with the western "The Dead Don't Hurt"


Viggo Mortensen's second directorial film is coming soon, as he begin filming the western The Dead Don't Hurt on October 12 in Canada. Mortensen, who co-produces and wrote the film, will also star alongside Vicky Krieps.

After making his debut behind the camera with Falling, the actor chose to tell a story set around 1860 that revolves around the relationship between Vivienne, a very independent French-Canadian, and Danish immigrant Holger (Mortensen). The two meet in San Francisco and decide to travel together to his home, where they begin a life together. The Civil War will separate them and when he returns home they will have to deal with the different people they have both become. "My goal," Mortensen said, "is to do justice to the story of an incredibly resilient woman who lived in an isolated and lawless southwestern area of the United States around 1860. The idea is to have not only a woman as the protagonist of a western, but to make her guide the story thanks to her fiercely inflexible character".

[This will be a British production.]

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