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European Western Comic Books - Serie Invincibili: Albi 2000 ALBI 2000 (Razzo - Ric e Rac - Annie)


Serie Invincibili; ALBI 2000 (Razzo - Ric e Rac - Annie)

(Invincible Series: Albi 2000 ALBI 2000 (Rocket - Ric and Rac - Annie)


This comic book series was initially presented in a medium horizontal format. The first two issues present the reissue of the adventures of Razzo (RZ) by Angelo Platania and the two-part episode "Under the Polar Cap" by Delio and Torchio, and bear the caption Invincible Series on the cover. The third issue and the supplement La Grande Adventura host the comic adventures of Gelsomino (GE) by G. Lani and Ric e Rac (RR) by Guido Zamperoni and bear the caption ALBI 2000 on the cover. The fourth issue hosts Annie la Outlaw of the West (AW). The series then resumes with the sole words Invincible Series in a small strip format. The material presented by the Milanese Editorial is the subject of numerous reprints, both for the first sale at newsstands and for the envelope market. Under various series it is presented by the Comics Publishing, Ordis, Beta and DNP.

Images were drawn by Nestore Corti.

The year of first publication was in 1955 with #1 on January 12, 1955 and ended with #4 on May 1956. It was published in Milan by Editoriale Milanese under the direction of Paolo Cenci. Each issue contained 16 black and white pages with color covers.



01 (01.12.55) - “Il raggio della morte” (RZ) (The Ray of Death)

02 (15.12.55) - “Mani in alto!” (RZ) (Hands Up!)

03 (05.01.56) - “Tamburi lontani” (GE e RR) (Distant Drums)

04 (00.05.56) - “Furore indiano” (AF) (Indian Fury)

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