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Who Are Those Singers & Musicians ~ Eva Danné


Eva Christine Danné was born in Nykøbing Falster, Denmark on May 24, 1939. Eva Danné Arnaga (later Eva Danne Roos), Danish-American, is the daughter of insurance inspector Johan Christian Penick [1909-19??] and wife Asta Martins [1907-19??]. She was trained in Hollywood as an actress and singer. In the United States, she appeared in a couple of films and also filmed in Spain before getting a role in her first Danish feature film "The Mad Dane" in 1969 as Nurse Victoria. However, she had previously starred in two Danish short films "Time Teacher Nansen" and "Nonnekysset". The following year, she got a role in the Danish potato western "The Tough Boys of the Prairie", where she sang "Sally's Song". Eva Danné was also part of the vocal quartet/pop group "The Golden Girls", which further consisted of Karin Siestø, Marianne Lind and Elin Bjørg Højgaard. They performed on The Pearl of the Coast and sang several single records. After divorcing husband ? Roos in Los Angeles in 1964, she was married on April 27, 1968 at Frederiksberg City Hall to representative Carl Georg Mortensen [1917-1999]. Eva Danné Roos left for Sweden in 1972 and now lives in Smygehamn.

DANNE, Eva (Eva Christine Danné) [5/24/1939, Nykøbing Falster, Denmark -      ] – film actress, singer, married to ? Roos (19??-1964), married Carl Georg Mortensen [1917-1999] (1968-19??), member of the singing group “Guldpigerne”, “Golden Girls”.

Tough Guys of the Prairie – 1970 [sings: “Sally’s Song”]

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