Monday, November 9, 2020

Secret Visitor Bops Mickey [archive newspaper article]

 Detroit Free Press

June 4, 1965

     Somebody doesn’t like Mickey Hargitay very much. The other night he or she crept into Hargitay’s Rome apartment, hammered on the head and stabbed him.

    Hargitay, recovering in a private clinic, won’t say who the attacker may have been. “I’m confused,” said Jayne Mansfield’s former husband.

     But the producer of his latest picture, an Italian western called “The Sheriff Won’t Shoot”, said jealousy was the motive.

     Hargitay had been photographed with French actress Marie Vincent recently at Cannes Film Festival. Miss Vincent later received a note telling her to give Hargitay up “or I’ll kill him”.

     “I always try to be nice to people” moaned Hargitay, “I don’t see why anybody would do such a thing”.

     The wounds were described a s superficial. 


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  1. Mickey Hargitay happens to be the father of none other than "Law And Order:SVU"'s Olivia Benson, Mariska Hargitay. "In the criminal justice system, Mickey Hargitay has been attacked by an unknown assailant". I have seen Mickey Hargitay in the Spaghetti Western "Cjamango" from 1967 as "Clinton/Clifford". He also did "Three Graves For A Winchester" with Gordon Mitchell which I also saw. Did I mention he knew Mae West? Hubba Hubba. What a great actor. Sad to think somebody could attack a guy like him. Oh well, that's the price of fame. But at least he recovered and for that we thank him.