Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Local Cowpuncher Ropes Dinosaurs in Latest Film [archived newspaper article]

 Arizona Republic

August 20, 1967

ALMERIA, Spain – A cowpuncher from Sunflower, Arizona, is currently riding the range here in the southeast corner of Spain, roping prehistoric creatures rather than heifers.

Dennis Kilbane, whose family owns and runs the Circle-Bar Ranch at Sunflower, between Phoenix and Payson, is currently playing the role of Rowdy, a member of a traveling wild west show, in the Charles H. Schneer Dynamation and Technicolor production “The Valley Time Forgot,” which stars James Franciscus, Gila Golan and Richard Carlson.

IN THE Warner Bros./Seven Arts release, a group from the show stumble upon a south-of-the-border valley in which antediluvian animals still exist, and Rowdy and the other men from the troupe attempt to capture a savage, carnivorous allosaurus with their lariats.

A graduate of the St. Francis Xavier Grammar School and Brophy Prep School in Phoenix, Dennis studied at the University of San Francisco, but left two years ago to enroll in the Philosofia y Letras course at the University of Madrid.

WHEN HE HAD completed his studies, he remained in Spain and began working in films merely as a horseman. Since then he has moved up to become an actor and has appeared in eight movies, including “The Bounty Killers” and “The Christmas Kid,” with Jeffrey Hunter.

Dennis is engaged to lovely Swiss born Christine Nebel, who is in Almeria with him, and they will be married in the Gibraltar as soon as his work in “The Valley Time Forgot” is completed. His parents, Mr. and Mrs. Patrick F. Kilbane, are planning to fly to Spain sometime this summer to meet their future daughter-in-law. 


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