Monday, November 16, 2020

European Western Comic Books ~ Tarocchi d’ARTE

Tarocchi d’ARTE

A miniature edition comic book series published from 1992 to 1995 in Turin by Lo Scarabeo Art Edition under the direction of Ferruccio Giromini. It was released as a quarterly supplement to the Tarot of Art series in box sets. Reissues and collects in mini box sets the first episodes of Martin Mystery (A. Castelli / G. Alessandrini), Zagor (G. Nolitta / G. Ferri), Dylan Dog (T. Sclavi / Stano), Tex (G. Bonelli / A . Galleppini), Nathan Never (Medda, Serra, Vigna), Nick Raider (Nizzi / Trigo), Mister No (G. Nolitta / G. Ferri), The Commander Mark, Captain Miki and The Great Blek (EsseGesse), Mafilda (Quino), Kriminal and Satanik (Magnus / Bunker). In addition, they published box sets dedicated to Milo Manara, Corto Maltese, Marvel superheroes and The Italian Comic in 300 Characters. In November 1996 they also published the box set The Mythical Numbers 100 in color with #100 by Martin Mystery, The Captain Mark, Dylan Dog, and Tex.

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