Saturday, November 14, 2020

50th Anniversary of the release of “A Man Called Sledge”

Today marks the 50th Anniversary of the release of “A Man Called Sledge” directed by Vic Morrow and starring James Garner, Dennis Weaver, Claude Akins, Wayde Preston, John Marley and Laura Antonelli

Sledge, an outlaw with a large price on his head, is determined to steal a cargo of gold en route to a fortress. Putting aside the idea of ​​attacking the convoy during transport because of the presence of a large number of well-armed guards, Sledge comes up with a clever trick: using one of his henchmen Erwin Ward, pretending to be a law officer, Sledge is taken to the fortress as a prisoner in Ward’s custody. After taking control of the fortress and the gold it soon ends up in the hands and those of his henchmen who gamble it away. A fierce battle then rages between the gang, to take sole possession of the spoils. During these clashes Ria, Sledge’s woman is brutally murdered. For this deed Sledge turns on his men and eliminates the murderers one at a time and in the end loses the gold.

Garner wrote in his memoirs that this movie was "one of the few times I've played a heavy and one of the last. I wish I could remember why I let Dino de Laurentiis talk me into this turkey. The poster says "Not suitable for children." It should say "not suitable for consumption."


Sledge – Italian title

Banditten Sledge – Dutch title

Kuoleman coltit – Finnish title

Un homme nommé Sledge – French title

Der Einsame aus dem westen – German title

Adistaktos pistolero – Greek title

Czlowiek zwany Mlotem – Polish title

Viagem para o Inferno – Portuguese title

Cabalgando al inferno – Spanish title

Kurt gibi – Turkish title

A Man Called Sledge – U.S.A. title


A 1970 Italian film production [Dino De Laurentis Cinematografica (Rome)]

Producers: Dino De Laurentis, Harry Bloom

Director: Vic Morrow (Victor Morrow)

Story: Massimo D’Avack

Screenplay: Massimo D’Avack, Frank Kowalski, Vic Morrow (Victor Morrow)

Cinematography: Luigi Kuveiller [Technicolor, Techniscope]

Music: Gianni Ferrio (Giovanni Ferrio)

     Song: “Other Men’s Gold” sung by Stefan Grossman

Running time: 93 minutes



Luther Sledge – James Garner (James Baumgarner)

Erwin Ward – Dennis Weaver (William Weaver)

Hooker – Claude Akins

“Old Man” – John Marley

Ria – Laura Antonelli (Laura Antonaz)

Sheriff Ripley – Wayde Preston (William Strange)

Floyd – Ken Clark (Kenneth Clark)

Mallory – Tony Young

Jade – Paola Barbara (Paolina Prato)

Sister – Laura Betti (Laura Trombetta)

Bice – Bruno Corazzari

Poker player – Remo De Angelis

Kehoe – Altiero Di Giovanni

Toby – Lorenzo Fineschi

Joyce – Franco Giornelli

Elizabeth – Didi Perego (Aida Perego)

Guthrie – Lorenzo Piani

Beetle – Mario Valgoi

Simms – Herman Reynoso (Hermano Reynoso)

Red – Steffen Zacharias

Gold guard scout – Vic Morrow

Warden – Riccardo Garrone

‘The Wolf’ – Luciano Rossi (Luciano Romano)

Prisoners – Fausto Tozzi, Angelo Infanti, Franco Balducci, Tiberio Mitri

With: Allan Jones, Barta Barry (Bernabe Barri), Orso Maria Guerrini, Giovani Di Benedetto



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