Sunday, March 29, 2020

Spaghetti Western Location ~ Forte/Dehesa de Navalvillar

In the northern part of the Dehesa de Navalvillar, Spain under the direction of the production designers Jaime Perez Cubero and Jose Luis Galicia, a fort (Fuerte Laredo) was built for the films “Seven from Texas” (1964) by Joachim Romero Marchent. It is an imposing structure (70 x 35 meters), surrounded by a sturdy palisade of logs up to seven meters high, with a large internal courtyard, watering troughs and various wooden buildings, which then appears in another film by the same director , “Seven Hours of Gubnire” (1965), and in :Three From Colorado” (1965); “Black Eagle of Santa Fe” (1964); “The Two Sergeants of General Custer” (1965); “The Fall of the Mohicans” (1965); “Custer of the West” (1966); “Kill the Wicked” (1967) (in which it appears in a state of abandonment); “Fort Yuma Gold” (1966); “Gatling Gun” (1968) (the fort appears to be in ruins); “Duel in the Eclipse” (1968); “Land Raiders” (1969). Very few traces of this fort remain today: only the concrete bases of two drinking troughs and some holes in which the largest trunks of the palisade were inserted. Three hundred meters away, from J.P. Cubero and J.L. Galicia, a large ranch was built (see Rancho Cubero-Galicia / Dehesa de Navalvillar.)

"Seven from Texas" (1964)

"Black Eagle of Santa Fe" (1964)

“Fall of the Mohicans” (1965)

“Fort Yuma Gold” (1966)

“Land Raider” (1969)

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