Monday, February 27, 2017

The Native Americans

The Native Americans – English title

A 1994, French production [Studio T, Studio Canal, Trans Pacific Film, Canal + (Paris)]
Producers: Patricia Foulkrod, Michael Grant
Directors: John Borden , Phil Lucas, George Burdeau
Teleplay: N. Scott Momaday (Navarre Scott Momaday), Trip Gabriel, Linda Hogan, Hanay Geiogamah, Michael Grant, Mara Manus
Music: Robbie Robertson and the Red Road Ensemble
Songs: Ulali, Priscilla Coolidge, Rita Coolidge, Silve Cloud Singers, Delphine Robertson, Robbie Robertson, Laura Satterfield
Running time: 3 episodes x 120 minutes

Narrator – Joy Harjo
Nick Clark, Paula Dove Jennings, Oren Lyons, Audrey Shenandoah, Tom Porter, Peter Jemison, Jake Swamp, John Mohawk, Alan Cook, Gary Whitedeer (Gary White Deer), Wilma Mankiller, Sara Parker, Ken York, Bobbie Joseph, Pilulaw Khus, Jewel James, Alan ‘Hodge’ Skickpoo Jr., Judy Trejo, Alfonso Ortiz, Bob Haozous, Radford Quahmahangnewa, Grace McNeley, Verna Williamson, Charlotte Black Elk, Lawrence Hart, Wallace Coffey, Horse Capture, Darrell Kipp

A three-part, six-hour documentary telling the story of the Native American nations, from the perspective of Native Americans. Divided into six segments, each analyzing a different geographic section of the United States, the special explores the history of different Native American cultures and presents "councils" of tribal leaders sharing their thoughts on that heritage.

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