Friday, February 10, 2017


Pistoleros – International title

A 2014 German production [CHR Prodcutions (Munich)]
Producers: Christoph Baumann, Ferdinand Freising
Directors: Karin Becker, Aline László, Silvia Wolkan
Story: Silvia Wolkan
Screenplay: Sivia Wolkan
Cinematography: Aline László [color]
Music: Sebastian Fillenberg
Running time: 28 minutes

Genara Lázaro Rubio, Sergio Rodriguez Rubio, Ionel Solcan, José  Novo Ariellano, Ionitz Rondo

In the former western set of Ranch Leone, a bunch of cowboys await tourists and speak about the golden past.

Pepe and his colleagues drink, swear and shoot off their pistols. The saloon is their stage on which they play western. Only the audience is missing - also to the suffering of the bitterly poor family of owners: When the Western village owned by José and Genara fell, half-by-accident into their hands thirty years ago, the ruble was still rolling. Genara was beautiful and José rich.

It's different today. Every figure in this place depends on its own way in the past. But all have settled themselves into the world of 'Western Leone' in the desert of Tabernas. One dreams of before and smiles wistfully.

Only Ionel, the only young cowboy in the village, knows not the nostalgia. He is the stranger here and he wants to leave. He longs for his home Romania and for a better life. There he can escape the grueling monotony of the village?

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  1. This film is not to be confused with the 1967 Spaghetti Western of the same name starring Anthony Ghidra, Alfio Caltabiano, and Mario Novelli, AKA Anthony Freeman. That was a different Western film altogether.