Thursday, February 16, 2017

New Book Release

Author: Gianluca Tosi
Preface by: Enrico Gabrielli
Publisher: Bloodbuster
Size: 26x26 with 160 pages
Extras: 45 rpm record

Piero Umiliani has a respectable place in the history of Italian jazz.

Piero Umiliani is famous among fans of film scores, so much so that for years there have been implemented republication of his vast discography related to film music and soundtracks for radio and TV.

But the most interesting thing is that Piero Umiliani is known by those who think they do not know him.

Yes, because all, but everyone at least has once heard, and often hummed the tune of “Mah-na Mah-na” made famous worldwide in interpretation by the Muppets, who were created by Jim Henson.

If you say that the sudden though is remembered and brings a wide smile. Which is why author Tosi Gianluca titled the book as such; because it addresses not only that this great artist is  known already, but also to all those who think they do not know him. But they do know him.

After reading this weighty text, the fruit of painstaking research and passion, full of annotations and small discoveries they can really say I now know him. Indeed, you will almost have the feeling of knowing him personally, and to be his neighbors in his long and distinguished career.

The book is filled with such musicians as - Enrico Gabrielli (Calibro 35, The Winstons), Gianmarco Diana (Sikitikis) -, record producers - Rocco Pandiani (Right Tempo / Easy Tempo) - and family - Stefania Umiliani, Alessandra Umiliani - contributing with their testimonies to increase the value of the narrative.

The book has a print run of 500 copies. A complimentary 45 rpm EP produced by Beat Records Daniele De Gemini. The vinyl disc contains four songs, three of which are not yet reprinted:
A1) Na'-Mah-Mah-Na '- taken from Sweden Heaven and Hell (1968)
A2) Atmosphere - taken from PianoFender Blues (1975)
B1) Proposal - taken from PianoFenderBlues (1975)
B2) Elegance and Mondanità - taken from Lobster Breakfast (1979)

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