Monday, February 27, 2017

European Western Comic Books ~ Kansas Kid

The Kansas Kid was a western adventurer who helped tame the West. He fought outlaws, conmen and bandits who terrorized the Wild West. He would team up with lawmen, the army and an occasional sidekick when needed to help them and himself in his heroic stand against lawbreakers.  

The Kansas Kid was a weekly issued comic from January 1948 – February 1950
There were only 8 pages per issue and the size was small and was published by Ricciardelli Mauro in Milan, Italy with artwork by Stefano Piselli. The character was created by Carlo Cossio It would be eventually published in Italian, French, English.

Carlo Cossio was born in Udine, Italy on January 1, 1907. He was an animator and cartoonist.

Carlo had two brothers Gino and Vittorio. He began his career making, together with Vittorio, some animated short films, beginning in 1928, mainly one reelers.

Later he devoted himself to comics, working in small fumettos; later the fascist regime censored all foreign comics, and Carlo Cossio was among the authors who created Italians heroes; such as Dick Lightning (written by Vincenzo Baggioli ) in 1938 and published on L'Audace . He continued to work on comic books and strips until 1955.

Cossio created many other characters including: Furio Almirante (1940), Tanks, the Man of Steel (1945), The Kansas Kid (1947), and Buffalo Bill (1951).

He also designed the stories Gim Toro and, among the last works before his death, a register called Kolosso. Cossio died in Milan, Italy on August 10, 1964.

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