Saturday, February 18, 2017

RIP Pasquale Squitieri

Italian director and screenwriter Pasquale Squitieri died today February 18th in Rome. He was 78. Born in Naples, Italy on November 27, 1938, he began his film career in 1969 with “lo e Dio”, produced by Vittorio De Sica, and under the pseudonym William Redford which he also used in two spaghetti western films: “Django Defies Sartana” and “Vengeance Trail”. His career ended very early when Squitieri dedicated his life to current issues and reality in Italian society: Contacts between the Mafia and politics, drugs, terrorism, the "white deaths" and immigration. But his fame is mainly due to his historical and political films, some of which have earned him much criticism. This is the case of " Li chiamarono... briganti!", In 1999 he withdrew immediately from the industry under mysterious circumstances.

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