Thursday, February 2, 2017

Half Caste's Revenge

La vengeance du métis – French title
Vengeance of the Metis – English title
Half Caste's Revenge – English title

A 1907 French production [Production Pathé Frères (Paris)]
Producers: Charles Pathé, Emile Pathé, Théophile Pathé, Jacques Pathé
Cinematography: [black & white]
Running time: 361 feet


On the threshold of the hacienda, a local farmer is wooing a farm girl while a half-blood (Metis) man spies on them. The rage in the half-breed’s heart in which he forces himself between the master and the farm girl. But on the order of the planter, two negroes seize the half-breed, tie him to a pole and he is whipped with leather thongs. Under this outrage, a new wave of hatred invades his heart. In front of a statue of the Virgin Mary, he swears with his blood to avenge himself: for he is not the son of a slave of Louisiana. Nestled in a thicket, in ambush on the passage of his master, the half-breed aims coldly and shoots his gun. The rider dismounts and sinks to the ground, mortally wounded. But he stands up in a last effort, seizes his armed revolver and shoots at random; A shot was heard, while the half-breed escaped with a cry of pain. At the hacienda, the servants seeing the horse, Moreno, return alone, the bridle on the neck, foresees the misfortune. Guided by Moreno, they set off in search of their master. The horse leads them through the woods. Suddenly he stops, neighing in front of the body of his master, who lay inert and bloodied on the grass. Then the people of the farm look around, and follow the bloody trail of the assassin and chase him in a relentless pursuit. Sometimes rolling on the slopes, sometimes sliding down the damp rocks, bruised, panting, blinded, the Metis flees in a desperate race towards the abyss. Cornered in a cave where he has taken refuge, he perishes in a crushing cave in initiated by the pursuers.

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