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Zorro – Italian title
El Zorro la belva del Colorado – Italian title
Zorro – French title
El Zorro – Spanish title
Zorro – Austrian title
Zorro – Brazilian title
A marca do Zorro – Brazilian title
Zorro - den sorte rytter – Danish title
Zorro – Finnish title
Zorro – German title
Zorro - Die Legende – German title
O Zorro htypa kathe avgi – Greek title
Zorro – Hungarian title
Zorro – Japanes title
Zorro – Polish title
Zorro – Swedish title
Zorro – Turkish title
Zorro – English title

A 1975 Italian, French, Spanish co-production [Mondial Televisione Film (Rome), Les Productions Artistes Associés (Paris), Labrador Film (Madrid)]
Producer: Luciano Martino
Director: Duccio Tessari
Story: Giorgio Arlorio
Screenplay: Giorgio Arlorio
Cinematography: Giorgio Albonico [Eastmancolor]
Music: Guido & Maurizio De Angelis
Songs: “Zorro is Back”, “To You mi Chica” sung by Oliver Onions (Guido & Maurizio De Angelis)
Running time: 125 minutes

Don Diego de la Vega/Miguel Eloretta/El Zorro – Alain Delon
Contessina Ortensia Pulido/Hortensia – Ottavio Piccolo
Joaquín – Enzo Cerusico
Sergeant Garcia – Moustache (Francis-Alexandre Galepides)
Fritz von Merkel – Giacomo Rossi Stuart
Brother Francisco – Giampiero Albertini
Miguel de la Serna – Marino Masé
Senoria de la Serna – Rajka Jurcec (Raika Juri)
Countess Aunt Carmen – Adriana Asti (Adelaide Asti)
Colonel Huerta – Stanley Baker (William Baker)
Chico – Paulino Rita
Thug – Yvan Chiffre
Chicken vendor – Tito García
Goat merchant - Fabián Conde
Fruit vendor - José Riesgo
Soldiers – Domenico Cianfrigla
Donna delle pulizie alla compagnia di navigazione – Franca Scagnetti
Concert attendee – Gennarino Pappagalli
Huerta henchman – Yvan Chiffre
With: José Moreno
Stunt coordinator, master of arms: Yvan Chiffre
Stunts: Francisco Barrilado, Alain Grellier, Robert Klein, Marcel Labbaye, Remy Pie, Jean-Pierre Renault, Miguel Pedregosa

The pacifist and well-intentioned Miguel is mysteriously killed while going to occupy the post of governor of New Aragon. His friend Diego, an adventurer with a dark past, vows to avenge him and to bring justice to the territory. Accompanied by Joaquin, his valet, he takes the place of the deceased and Miguel, fooling everyone with his performance and credentials of Miguel, who was appointed governor, posing as an inept dandy as not to alarm the bloodthirsty Colonel Huerta, a local tyrant. With the legendary Mask of Zorro, Don Diego intervenes everywhere against Huerta and the bumbling Sergeant Garcia. The people begin to rebel; but Hortensia, the young and beautiful noble, is forced to accept marriage with Huerta to avoid major damage to her father’s estate. Zorro intervenes for the last time, and everyone discoveres his true face. He addresses  Huerta in a climactic sword fight and the Colonel dies falling from a tower under the eyes of the villagers who now satisfied will defend themselves and their freedom in their own community.

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