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El Zorro, caballero de la justicia – Spanish title
El secreto del Zorro – Spanish title
La justicia del Zorro – Spanish title
Zorro, il cavaliere della vendetta – Italian title
Zorango, el les Comancheros – French title
Zorro Knight of Justice – English title
Zorro, the Rider of Vengeance – English title

A 1970 Spanish, Italain co-production [CC Carthago Films (Madrid), Duca International (Rome)]
Producer: Tullio Bruschi, Sergio Newman
Director: José Luis Merino
Story: María del Carmen Martínez Román, José Luis Merino (José Boves)
Screenplay: María del Carmen Martínez Román, José Luis Merino (José Boves)
Cinematography: Emanuele di Cola [Kodacolor, Techniscope]
Music: Francesco De Masi
Running time: 94 minutes

David Sandoval/Zorro – Charles Quiney (Carlos Quiney)
Carmen de Mendoza/Gladys – Malisa Longo
Marisa – María Mahor (María Horcajada)
Lieutenant Somoza – Pasquale Basile
With: José Cárdenas, Fernando Hilbeck (Fernando Gavalda), Enrique Ávila, Fernando Gavalda, Antonio Escribano, Anna Farra (Anita Farra), Anna María Espejeo, Arturo Dominici, Ignazio Balsamo, Fulvio Pellegrini

Zack, a cynical adventurer, robs an old pioneer, Alfaro, and his daughter Gladys a map that indicates the place where the Indians have hidden a fabulous diamond which they consider sacred.  Determined to prevent the theft of jewelry, Zorro, under the disguise is the peaceful David Sandoval, in every way hinders the march of Zack and his men to the place indicated by the map.  Towards the same goal are Gladys, Alfaro and Miss Cooper, from the Pinkerton agency hired by Zack to identify the man who hides behind the mask of Zorro. In order to avoid an uprising of the Indians, Zorro manages to derail the plan of Zack and at the same time to convince Gladys and Alfaro to give up the idea to steal the diamond. For her part, Ms. Cooper manages to discover the true identity of Zorro but David Sandoval, with a clever ruse, causes her to be considered it an error and mistake.

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