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Red Dead Redemption: Seth’s Gold

La Voz de Almeria
February 19, 2015

A video game movie. 'Red Dead Redemption' inspired a short film that was shot in Almería

With more than eleven million copies sold since its launch in 2010, 'Red Dead Redemption', the American study Rockstar San Diego, is one of the most familiar to fans of video games titles. Now, this virtual universe debtor classic western, was made flesh by the hand of Spanish Zapruder Pictures.

'Seth's Gold' is a short ten minute with this Madrid company has joined two of his passions: video games and movies. A 'fan film' (production nonprofit developed by followers of characters and stories of fiction) full-blown in which they have participated thirty people and was shot mostly in Almeria locations such as desert and Taverns boulevards and decorated Fort Bravo and El Condor. "In the United States has the Monument Valley, Canyon de Chelly or the Rockies but classics that overestimated the likes of Clint Eastwood and Ennio Morricone were filmed here. And it is precisely in many of those securities in which the people of Rockstar was set when creating the universe the game, "explained makers Zapruder Pictures on your web blog last July.

The film, shot in English and subtitled in Castilian, can be seen from yesterday Zapruder channel in Youtube, which are subscribed more than 21,500 followers seventy countries, as emphasized in a statement the provincial council. In just 24 hours, 'Seth's Gold' had already exceeded 12,000 copies, in addition to the more than 2,500,000 views from other productions of Madrid, whose great success to date, with over 1,800,000 views, is trailer recorded in the capital of Spain that takes real action of the promotions of other consoles worldwide success of 'Grand Theft Auto'.

Since 2013

As recounted in the blog, a team of Zapruder Pictures first visited the province in November 2013 to see with their own eyes scenarios that hitherto celluloid dreams. "Walking these places was revealing to see that many of those places already knew. We have seen some of those movies [quote titles like "Death had a price 'and' Once Upon a Time '] almost a dozen times but I mean ya' the'd lived '. In another life? Something like ... "they say in reference to 'Red Dead Redemption'. "You cannot walk down the main street of Fort Bravo not remember or travel Armadillo their desert wadi without thinking of Cholla Springs and around" say on two of the stages of the game.

With close to 16,000 euros budget (nearly 9,000 raised through crowdfunding formula), 'Seth's Gold' will contribute to the Almería landscape again travel the world through a videogame made pure cinema.

Red Dead Redemption: Seth’s Gold

A 2014 Spanish production [Zapruder Pictures (Madrid)]
Producers: Marta Espeleta, Javier Esteban Muguiro
Director: Guillermo De Oliveira
Story: “Red Dead Redemption” Dan Hauser, Michael Unsworth, Christian Cantamessa
Screenplay: Guillermo De Oliveira
Cinematography: Juanra Perez [color]
Music: Harry Haja
     Song: “Far Away” sung by María Katt
Running time: 11 minutes

John Marston – Russell Birdwell
Bill Williamson – José Novo (José Ariellano)
Sethe Briars - Roman Vogdt
Nigel West Dickens - Toni Rodriguez
Rabbit - Blondie
Bill Williamson’s gangManfredi Giannoni, Leonardo Gimenez Martin, Jesús Sánchez, Daniel González, Miki Poveda, Jose Enrique Martinez Moya, Raul Barrios Martinez, Javier Esteban, Ricardo Cruz, José Antonio Arroyo, Juan Francisco Miguel, Pablo Ruiz Perez
Armadillo residents - Juan Francisco Miguel, Mary Luz Martinez, Amelia Martinez, Miki Poveda, Javier Esteban, Alberto Morales, Rafeal Aparicio, Placido Martinez, Javier Jiminez, Francisco Morales, Victor Rodriguez, Carolina Martinez, Raquel Herreria Barrera, Raul Barrios Herreria
With: Bill Williamson

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