Wednesday, February 4, 2015


Sei jellato amico, hai incontrato Sacramento – Italian title
Um Homem Chamado Sacramento – Brazilian title 
Mijn naam is Sacramento – Dutch titile
Man nennt ihn Sacramento – German title
Sacramento – Greek title
Lo llamaban Sacramento – Mexican title
Balas de plomo – Spanish title
You’re Jinxed Friend, You’ve Met Sacramento – English title

A 1970 Italian production [Canadian International Film (Rome)]
Producer: Vito Fanelli
Director: Giorgio Cristallini
Story: Giorgio Cristallini
Screenplay: Giorgio Cristallini
Cinematography: Fausto Tossi [Technicolor, Techniscope]
Music: Franco Micalizzi [harmonica De Gemini]
Song: “Jesus We Love You” sung by Annibale (David King)
Song: “The Story of a Girl” sung by Dana Ghia
Running time: 99 minutes

Jack ‘Sacramento’ Thompson – Ty Hardin (Orison Hungerford, Jr.)
Tom Murdock – Giacomo Rossi Stuart
Jim Thompson – Christian Hay
Maggie Thompson – Jenny Atkins
Doc O’Donnell – Silvano Tranquilli
Rosy/Rosie – Dana Ghia
Evelyn – Krista Nell (Doris Kristanel)
Hike/Ike – Stan Cooper (Stelvio Rossi)
Sheriff – Nando Poggi (Ferdinando Poggi)
Kid Dynamite – Pietro Torrisi
Murdock henchman – Giovanni Cianfriglia, Domenico Cianfriglia, Alessandro Perella, Clemente Ukmar
Tolby – Rocco Lerro
Barman – Salvatore Furnari
Saloon girl – Milla Johnson (Ulla Johansson)
Hernandez’s wife – Martina Orlop
Hernandez’s daughter – Carla Mancini
With: Cathrin Asimus, Gianni Fanelli (Giovanni Fanelli), Rafaele Fanelli, Robert Fiz (Roberto Fiz), Renato Pietrini, Virgilio Ponti, Enrico Casadei

Jack ‘Sacramento’ Thompson is an ex-boxer, who’s always at odds with his former opponent, Tom Murdock, now a bank robber and two-bit outlaw, who still thinks Thompson beat him in a prizefight because of a few blows below the belt. When he gets into trouble, Jack sends his horse Ringo home to bring his son Jim and daughter Maggie to come to their father's rescue. After a series of skirmishes Murdock kidnaps Maggie and threatens to gang-rape her; he asks $ 20,000 dollars ransom money, but his real plan is to lure Thompson to the spot where Maggie is held captive, and kill him with his bare fists.


  1. Italian censorship is dated 4-13-72. Are you sure this was made that early as 1970?

  2. IMDb – 1972 (originally posted 1970 in 2008)
    Cinematografo = 1972
    Spaghetti Western Database = 1972
    Original soundtrack album was released = 1970
    Released on 4/13/1972 so it could not have been produced and filmed in 1972.
    The dates I poste are the earliest production dates I can find as many times films are held up for legal reasons, production reasons and procuring financial backing.