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Yellow Hair and the Pecos Kid – U.S.A. title
Pelo Amarillo y Pecos Kid – Spanish title
Yello Hair y Pecos Kid – Spanish title
A Guerreira de Indiana Jones – Brazilian title
Yellow Hair – kutlatukka – Finnish title
A la poursuite du soleil d’or – French title
Der Tempel des blutigen Goldes – German title
O xanthos ekdikitis kai to aporthito frourio – Greek title
Sárga haj és az arany erőd – Hungarian title
Pelo amarillo y Pecos Kid – Mexican title
Pelo Amarillo y la fortaleza de oro – Peruvian title
Złotowłosa i złota świątynia – Polish title
As Amazonas do Templo de Ouro – Portuguese title
Plavolaska in Pecos Kid – Slovenia title
Plavolaska in Pecos Kid – Yugoslavian title
Yellow Hair and the Pecos Kid - English title
Yellow Hair & the Pecos Kid - English title
Yellow Hair and the Fortress of Gold – U.S.A. title
A 1984 U.S.A., Spanish co-production [Cinestar Productions (Hollywood), Continental MovieProduction (Madrid)]
Producers: John Ghaffari (Cihangir Gaffari), Diego G. Sempere (Diego Gómez Sempere)
Director: Matt Cimber (Matteo Ottaviano)
Story: Matt Cimber (Matteo Ottaviano)
Screenplay: Matt Cimber, John Kershaw
Cinematography: John Cabrera (John Puig) [Metroclor]
Music: Franco Piersanti
Running time: 102 minutes
Yellow Hair – Laurene Landon (Laurene Coughlin)
Freckled/Pecos Kid – Ken Roberson
Shayowteewah – John Ghaffari Cihangir Gaffari)
Colonel Torres – Luis Lorenco
Grey Cloud – Claudia Gravi (Marsa-Claude Perin)
Flores – Aldo Sambrell (Alfredo Brell)
Man-Who-Knows – Eduardo Fajardo
Tortuga – Ramiro Oliveros (Ramiro Fernández)
Rainbow – Suzannah Woodside
Gambling woman – Concha Márquez Piquer
Gambling man – Tony Taruella (Antonio Tarruella de Lacourt)
Comanches – Daniel Martin, Joaquín López, Paco Gomez, Antoñico Benete, Juan Manuel Torres
Gomez, Jesus Lopez Erena, Antonio Pequeño Oso, Antonio Ramirez
Flores’ deputy – Mario De Abros
Machine gunners – Román Ariz-Navarreta (Román Ariznavarreta), Pablo G. Ortega (Pablo
García Ortega)
Young soldier – Juan Gomez Fernández
Barman – Juan G. Delgado (Juan Gómez Delgado)
Waiter – Alfonso M. Delgado (Alfonso María Delgado)
Stagecoach Apache – Florencio Amarilla (Florencio Lacasa)
Gambler – Fernando Barrilado (Francisco Barrilado)
Bride – Paloma Gómez
Groom – José Truchado, Jr.
Stagecoach driver – Benito Pavón
Sergeant – Frank Braña (Francisco Pérez)
Cowboy – Antonio Ruiz (Antonio Escaño)
Stunts: Eduardo García, José Bellido, Jorge Brito, Ignacio Carreño, Jordi Casares, Solier Fagundez, Pedro García García, Luis M. Gutiérrez Santos, Francisco Gómez, Gabriel Laguna (Gabriel Laguna Guerrero), Inocencio Losada (Inocencio Silva), Domicio Melero, Joaquín Olías, Pedro Palomo, José Pañizo, José Ruiz Nieto, José Sacristán (José Hernández), José María Serrano, Victoriano Terrón, Camilo Vila

Yellow Hair and her sympathetic, courageous sidekick the Pecos Kid are after a treasure of gold in an Aztec temple. Told in a 1940s serial style film, Yellow Hair, a valiant warrior whose origins are unknown, was adopted into a tribe of fierce Comanches. Along with her faithful sidekick The Pecos Kid have run-ins with an army of Mexican soldiers commanded by an effeminate general, a gang of dastardly outlaws led by Flores, a mean saloon owner named Tortuga and a deadly tribe of Aztec warriors led by a fearsome Aztec chieftain named Shayowteewah while searching the countryside for the golden treasure. The thrilling and stirring movie full of imagination and fantasy introduces us to a brave heroine, a female counterpart to Geronimo. Yellow Hair is superior to any male, awoman of beauty, a warrior of strength, a hunter of man. Along the way Yellow Hair finds her mother slain and takes a vow of lethal vendetta until one day she meets her match.

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  1. This movie is funnier than most viewers could expect! It deserves a try...;)
    Stephan Segantini, from Brazil