Sunday, January 18, 2015

New Spanish Euro-Western Release!

The Teatro Ideal Cinema hosted the premier of the western short “They Paid for Their Sins” on Friday, January 16, 2015. It was a dream come true for producer Antonio José López of Cejudo Exposito and director Javier Godoy, who have finally been able to exhibit something that came prowling into their minds many years ago: a story set in the old west. To do so, they followed in the footsteps of some of the largest stars of the genre such as director Sergio Leone and actors Clint Eastwood and Henry Fonda. They did not hesitate to shoot in the desert of Tabernas (Almería), taking advantage of the natural environment and the existing sets of the settlement, and also having the help of the extras and specialists who work there.
 “They Paid for Their Sins” is a story told in thirteen minutes and framed in the old west "where betrayal and revenge reach love and truth". Without away the plot of which is the first part of a trilogy that has been designed and intended to complete with two more new releases. Seven actors and actresses are responsible for giving life to all of the characters of Antonio José López and Javier Godoy. Godoy is also the musical composer among many other things needed to complete the project
With a crew of several professionals filming was shot in Tabernas for three intense days. And they completed some interior scenes a fourth day of that was developed and edited in Ubeda, at Camping La Noria. All of this was preceded by a previous year's work and preproduction. They both learned by the experience say they surprised by the result.
After the premiere this past Friday, the film, entirely self-financed by them, it will begin a tour of different festivals and competitions both nationally and internationally. They intend it to be seen by as many people as possible. And who knows, maybe it will take away many awards.

Por pecadores un cortometraje – Spanish title
They Paid for Their Sins – English title
A 2014 Spanish production [Cejudo Exposito (Ubeda)]
Producer: Antonio José López
Director: Javier Godoy
Story: Javier Godoy, Antonio José López
Screenplay: Javier Godoy, Antonio José López
Cinematography: [color]
Music: Javier Godoy
Running time: 13 minutes
Antonio José López, Javier Godoy, Pepe Novo, Yim Gue

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