Thursday, January 15, 2015

Winnetou and the Treasure of the Maricopas

Winnetou und der Schatz der Marikopas – German title
Winnetou and the Treasure of the Maricopas – English title
A 2005 German production [Develop Vision Design (Dresden)]
Producer: Meike Anders
Director: Frank Zimmermann, Eugen Brähler
Story: “Die Taschenuhr des Anderen” by Karl May
Screenplay: Gene Carpenter, Eugen Brähler
Cinematography: Meike Anders [color]
Music: Martin Böttcher, Ulrich Pexa
Running time: 47 minutes
Winnetou - Mike Dietrich
Old Shatterhand - Thomas Vogt
Old Surehand - Eugen Brähler
Strong Buffalo, Grinley - Frank Zimmermann
Frank Mason - Dietmar Röske
Bear Hunter, White Albino - Stefan Lückert
Ma-Schom-Pa, Red Feather - Jutta Köchling
Para-Angare, White Dove - Barbara Weinreich
Carter, Lightning Knife - Uwe Mertel
Pedro - Fritz Heier
Ribanna - Meike Anders

 Hidden high in the Rocky Mountains lies the fabled treasure of gold Marikopas. The guardian of the treasure is the wise Albino, who retired for years in the treasure cave lives, and worships the Marikopas as voice Manitou. Only the old chief Ma-Pa-Schom, his son and his daughters Strong Buffalo and Red Feather White Feather know the exact location of untold wealth.
One day the infamous Frank Mason enters with his band Tramps in the hunting grounds of the Marikopas on the Colorado River. You are looking for the fabled treasure of Marikopas and not shy away from murder back. By cunning and violence succeeded Mason and his Tramps to kidnap the chief daughters and raise the suspicion of Winnetou and his white friends.
The Marikopas swear revenge: Winnetou and all pale faces shall die at the stake. Also bear hunter who has been living in the area of ​​Marikopas and blood brother Ma-schom-Pa`s is must fear for his scalp. Together with Old Surehand, the best shooters of the Wild West, Winnetou fights for justice but not before even Old Shatterhand, Winnetou's blood brother of, engages, the tide turns.

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